The Art of Apology: A Workbook for Resolving Conflict and Improving Relationships

Work, social, and family life provides us with multiple opportunities for misunderstandings, conflicts, and hurt feelings. A well-done apology can go a long way toward healing a strained relationship, while a poor one can create even more disconnection and distress. This workbook, based on my popular workshop of the same name, analyzes the components of an effective apology and offers exercises to help you improve your relationships by increasing your ability to plan, deliver, and receive effective apologies.

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Let's Talk About Money: A Conversation Guide for Intentional Communities

Many communities find themselves in conflict over financial and budget issues… and the current economic situation doesn’t help! Conflicts about money are really conflicts about values. This workbook is designed to help your community have useful conversations about your financial values - conversations that lead to greater understanding and connection as well as more effective financial decision- making.

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"Eris Weaver’s presentation about the Art of Apology was the best I’ve heard on this difficult but vitally important subject. Eris is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, qualities which made the material very accessible. As a speaker, Eris inspires confidence in the audience from the moment she steps on stage: she’s organized, passionate and presents her subject with plenty of interaction with the audience."

Cate Griffith, Executive Director
RECOURSE Mediation Services

"Eris Weaver’s workbook Let’s Talk About Money is the kind of detailed, step-by-step guidebook that would be a useful tool for any group that has a budget to manage together or anything dealing with money. The workbook provides great real life examples and detailed suggestions and graphics on how your group can facilitate these discussions. I only wish this had been available 20 years ago!"

Kathryn McCamant, President
Cohousing Partners